Wash Your Hands…

…they said. And then the pause button got hit.

Forced to simplify. Forced to undo empty, needless plans and “priorities.” Forced to look inward and immediately to our sides for insight and comfort. Forced into presence and awakening. Forced to see how little we actually need and how much we already have.

Because a life based on only taking eventually has to give.

Now that the bars and restaurants have quieted and the noisy places we’ve always gone to drown out the truth buzzing in our ears have closed, what’s left? Stillness? Deafening quietness? A slower pace? Perhaps, even peace?

Listen to the quietness and let it fill your soul with space.

Believe that what you feel is more than what you think. Be free. Run with abandon. Jump and splash in mud puddles and worry about the mess later. Feel the beach’s sand beneath your feet and know that it is joy. The waves ebbing and flowing are all we need to reset…renew…reimagine.

We’ve pushed so far left and so far right that the only ground left to stand on is somewhere in the middle. Equal distance from end to end, balancing on a string. How is it that we have come so far, but need only turn back now? Can we swallow our pride? Our egos and do what we need to do?

What should we do?

Walk. The. Line.


And wash your hands, they said.