I am really glad you’re here.

A Modern Awakening is your place for tips, tools, guides, mantras, and eBooks about to live a more connected mindful life. Throughout my own personal spiritual journey I’ve learned quite a bit. I hope that some of the things I will share will help you on your journey. We are all in this together!

Just like you…

I’m Leanne, a pretty average working mom and professional writer who struggles every…single…day…to feel grounded and at peace. My mind buzzes, my emotions run high, I am no zen master. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for my entire life, but have decided there has to be a better way.

319471_636670884735_7881813_nOn April 15, 2013, I found myself at the finish line of the Boston Marathon when the bombs went off. On that day, everything I had ever known was shattered. I tried to erase the images and come to peace with what I did and didn’t do in those moments, but nothing worked. That was the beginning of my modern awakening and how, many years later, this blog came to be. I’ve discovered many tools, tips, and healing modalities that have worked for me and many that have not. I will share it all with you as we push ahead on this continual journey together.


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