Suffering in the Workplace

There’s a tremendous amount of suffering in the workplace. It’s an unfortunate reality that too many of us face. Unbalanced leaders unconsciously drive sinking departments into the ground on quests toward unreasonable goals without any regard for the well being of their staff. And for what? Progress? Money? But what’s the real cost.

Why is there so much suffering?

The current workforce is a harsh reflection of own inner turmoil. As a population, we are unbalanced, unhealthy, and running on empty. Simply put, the earth as we know it is in a state of flux. For those of you, like myself, who are naturally sensitive to others and the world around us I am sure you have probably felt the density of today’s existence. Many people in the spiritual community believe that through suffering comes growth. I am one of them. But could there really be a divine purpose for this much suffering? I’ve asked myself this question a thousand times as I try to accept and trust that we are where we need to be for something better to emerge.

Raising Your Vibration

There’s not a whole lot we can control these days. We can’t control how people lead an organization, how they feel, or how they act. What we can control is our inner space. Own it! This space is yours and yours alone. I just watched an incredible documentary on Netflix called Heal. The doctors, scientists, and healers in the documentary discussed how we view our bodies, in its physical form, as a solid mass rather than a free flowing, moving, buzzing inner space full of energy and cells and organs working seamlessly with one another. This energy flow is your vibration. When we live in a state of constant stress and negative thinking our vibration is low. When our vibration is low we get sick, injured, and struggle mentally, physically, and spiritually. When we clear our minds through meditation, yoga, mindful breathing, running, etc., we make space for peace, clarity, and positive thinking that raises our vibration, thus allowing our bodies to heal naturally. Together, if we can raise our own vibration, the collective vibration will follow making way for true and profound healing on a large scale.

A Healing Workplace

So much of the suffering we experience today in the workplace is unnecessary. If we start with our own healing and encourage others around us to do the same, the affect will ripple. There are many good, ethical, and balanced leaders out there and the time for more to climb through the ranks and lead with love is now! The workplace can be a happy, healthy place of healing, community, and purposeful work.

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One thought on “Suffering in the Workplace

  1. mkennis19 says:

    Nice post Le! I am interested in now watching that Heal documentary, thanks for sharing. I implemented a walking group at work, it’s nice to get away from our desks for 30 minutes and get some fresh air, re-boots us 🙂

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