A Bad Job Can Be Your Greatest Spiritual Teacher

You can probably think back to that job that was just plain awful. Maybe you are even working in it now.

We’ve all been there.

It’s the job you hate getting up in the morning for, the one that makes you feel stuck and powerless.

But what if there was a higher purpose, something positive you could take away from a bad job?

Suffering is our greatest spiritual teacher. It helps us grow and learn, and understand how powerful and resilient we are. When you find yourself in a bad job and feel hopeless and out of control, try these tactics to turn a negative into a positive:

Stop Resisting 

Resist the urge to fight your boss, your co-workers, the “man.” It will get you nowhere and only cause more suffering. When you are able let go, and I mean really let go, is when you can change your internal and external dialogue. This will allow you to cope with the situation and learn. Accepting that your jobs sucks and that the environment and energy is dark and heavy is your doorway to spiritual growth. Accept that those you work with are most likely unconscious and suffering too, because then you can forgive them. They are trying to cope just like you. If you have to say this mantra over and over again in your head on your walk into your building or throughout the day when you feel your blood start to boil, do it.

Just let go.PNG

Take Notice

Note what situations really get you going. Are there common threads you can identify? Do you feel most vulnerable and angry when you are being criticized, not recognized, put on the spot? When you are at your boiling point, can you create some space? How did you get there? Can you walk away or close your eyes and breathe? After noticing what bothers you most, you can then start to get ahead of those impulse feelings and actions.

Go Through the Pain not Around it

When you’ve been able to identify the key triggers that make you feel the most upset, it is time to travel straight into them. There is no going around, under, or over, your journey is straight through. For me, micromanagement has been very hard for me to deal with. It makes me feel inadequate, constricted, and unable to think and act creatively. When something triggers my desire to break free from the “chains,” I am now able to notice it and breathe in perspective. I am not perfect and it doesn’t always change my response, but I am learning.

Put What You Learn into Practice

Once you are able to let go, identify triggers, and work through them, you can then take what you have learned and apply it. Small wins throughout the day are what you are looking for. Letting an upsetting comment slide or finding the strength to not react or judge are all signs of growth. Let your bad job teach you lessons you can use in all areas of your life. Patience. Surrender. Forgiveness. Mindfulness.

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