What is a modern awakening?

Awakened, conscious, “earthy crunchy” spiritual people don’t look like they used to. We are shifting into a new realm where the healers, psychics, readers are no longer draped in crystals and easy to spot. The modern day awakening for lack of a better word looks pretty “average.”

But what is a modern awakening?

An awakening of any kind is when someone is thrust into or journey’s toward intense presence. And presence is living in the moment. The mind is quiet and clear, you are aware of your surroundings, sensations are heightened, and you experience peace. There is no worry or sadness, there is just being, just the moment happening around you.

I am a working mom who wears business casual attire to my typical american 9-5. I do not have the luxury of traveling to the amazon to study with a local shaman, and my modern day awakening began in my car during my commute to work.

I had just started listening to Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now, on audible and it hit me like an avalanche. It was that tall glass of water I had been dying to drink, to quench my thirst. I find it quite comical that my awakening began on a not-so-special day in my car and not on the day I found myself at the finish line of the Boston Marathon when the bombs went off. But that is just how it goes. Sometimes people are thrust into an awakening by a near death experience or illness, or sometimes all it takes is a book or meeting someone who is present. I imagine something shifted in me internally that day at the Boston Marathon, but I wasn’t quite ready to travel inward and truly surrender.

Your modern awakening can happen right here and right now

You do not need to live in a constant state of numbness, moving methodically through your day without ever stopping once to look, listen, or feel. You are not a vacant vessel, run by an overthinking mind that has gone haywire. You can learn and practice to quiet your mind, turning it on and off as you please. It takes practice and diligence and patience, but you can do it. I choose to work at it every single day. Some days and weeks are better then others. Sometimes I take BIG steps forward and then even bigger steps back into a familiar unconscious space I have lived in for so long. Together, we can fill up our hearts and spirit with love and light drawn straight from the source that is all around us. We can find peace in this life by surrendering, but we have to choose it every day. We can break the cycle of generational, collective unconsciousness by teaching our children about mindful living and presence when they are young and wide open. It is how we will heal this earth and each other.

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