10 Ways to Find Happiness in Your Job

There is no perfect job. While I imagine you’ve experienced stretches of peace and enjoyment in the workplace, I am sure you’ll agree it always fades. What doesn’t change is you.

When you find yourself unhappy in a job you have two options…accept or leave. It is that simple. But while transitioning to your next job always takes time, so many of us find ourselves stuck and suffering until we have the opportunity to leave. But what if you could find “happiness” in any job?

Here are 10 ways to find happiness in your job:

1.) Find something small that you are excited to wake up to

This could be a favorite protein bar, shower playlist, or hot cup of coffee enjoyed on your back porch. Whatever it is, make time for it. I look forward to either making my favorite cup of coffee in the morning or buying it. My commute has become a meditative space for me where I enjoy the aroma, the warmth, and the perfect ratio of milk and sugar of my morning coffee. It helps me reflect and center myself for the day.

2.) Pause every two hours to do something you enjoy

Even if it is simply taking a few moments to feel proud of what you have accomplished in the past hour, no matter how menial it may be, enjoy the fruits of your labor. I spent hours organizing holiday cards and at times caught myself feeling annoyed, tired, and bored of the task at hand. But by the time I was finished, I felt a simple sense of accomplishment. There is always something you can enjoy like a tasty lunch, a quick break to read about something that energizes you, a conversation with a friend, or a moment outside to admire the birds. Find ways to fill the gaps of your day with joy.

3.) Choose peace and surrender

In even the most negative and unhealthy work situations, you can find peace, but you have to choose it and let go of the fight. The next time you are in a meeting and feel a confrontation coming to a head…breathe. Accept the opinion of the individual, and then respond. 9 out of 10 times when I do this, my response is always soft and peaceful because it does not come from a place of ego or hurt. We create a tremendous amount of unnecessary suffering for ourselves every single day. Let go of your desire to defend your work and value, and see what happens. It is important to note that surrendering does not mean allowing others to abuse you in any way or not caring or fighting for what you believe in. The art of surrender is simply the act of accepting what already is so that you are not creating more suffering for yourself. When you accept what is, you will also find the energy of those around you changes in response to your non-response.

4.) Imagine there is a protective bubble of white light around you

After you have surrendered to the situation and still find yourself in negative, confrontational environment, know that what a person says or does cannot pierce through your bubble. This might sound a little funny, but it works! Your protective bubble holds all that you are, sacred. Hurtful words and actions bounce right off your bubble. The love and confidence you have at your center are unshakable. Your worth and value are never up for discussion.

5.) Trust your instincts when you know its time to leave

If a situation no longer serves you and you feel in your gut that you need to leave…then leave. If you find yourself in a situation, as many of us do, and are not able to resign abruptly because of financial and life obligations, the practices above will get you through. Focus on getting another job or taking a new path, but do not obsess about it. Find a healthy balance in knowing that you will not be in this situation forever. You may be stuck at the moment, as I have found myself before, but you can cope until you have the opportunity to change your situation. Lean on friends for support, books for encouragement, and meditation to your spirit guides for revival. Ask them for truth, guidance, and love, and then watch and listen.

6.) Recognize that a bad day is just a bad day

Spiritual growth is not a linear upward path. It zig zags, doubles back, and stops all together for periods of time. However your journey flows, let it be. Accept that things happen as they should. There was a time when I would get angry if I had a day where I felt unconscious, low, and uninspired. But now, I realize that those days are there to teach. They remind me that I can get back to that good feeling because I know exactly how to get there.

7.) Make a list of what you want

Articulate to yourself and the universe what you want in a job. What motivates you? What environment feels best? What industry suits you? Remember that more than a great salary, boss, or title, your happiness is dependent on you. If you want to be happy you can be. It is not easy. In a modern, busy world full of noise, constant pressure, unrealistic expectations, and digital connections that leave us feeling disconnected, being happy is a choice. It is a mindset and a practice that takes time.

8.) Forgive

We are all doing the best we can. Even the most egotistical, unconscious professionals and leaders are the same as you and me. Forgive them. They are unconscious. Help them awaken. The best thing you can do is be present and awakened yourself because they will feel it. They may not understand, but it will trigger a feeling of familiarity and knowing inside of them.

9.) Let go of the desire to change the world, find fame and riches

This one has been quite hard for me. As humans, we long for recognition and a sense of purpose. But what if your greatest purpose could be living an awakened life? Presence spreads and you can help others find peace. What greater calling could there be? I fall into the trap of feeling that I need to save the world. Endangered mountain gorillas, elephants, rainforests, dogs, homeless individuals, you name it. It becomes overwhelming and paralyzing, but then I bring myself back to center. The world is as it is right now for a reason. And that reason is ascension to a new way of living and being. The shift in consciousness is paramount, and suffering is a catalyst and teacher.

10.) End each day in gratitude

Thank your spirit guides in meditation, a loved one, or the universe in prayer. However you give thanks, do it every day. This will help ground you to your life’s abundance and anchor you to an unwavering happiness.

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