The Art of Surrender

If you want peace, choose it. Choose it every single day, multiple times a day, over and over again.

The most toxic, dark work environments or life situations can become an opportunity for spiritual growth and a “way into” presence.

On a Sunday night, after a full week of vacation, the familiar rush of anxiety and “Sunday Scaries” started to creep in. But then, without much thought, a mantra came to me…”I choose peace.” It felt a bit odd at first, but after a few more chants it started to stick. I woke up the next morning feeling unusually calm and peaceful. For the next few days, I repeated the chant over and over again, and it changed everything.

The next time you are in a meeting or an argument that you know could be negative and accusatory, don’t engage in the drama or feel the need to defend yourself or your position. Feel calm and confident, knowing your self worth. When a co-worker, spouse, or friend says something that would normally cut deep, sit with it. Breathe and accept the situation. Others have the right to feel how they feel.

Give up the fight, especially if you are someone who identifies as a fighter. Know that by surrendering, you do not lose yourself. By letting go, you will gain so much more than you could ever imagine. Let go of the urge to explain what’s so wrong with your department, the unreasonable demands you feel, or the desire to defend your worth. Accept what is and the peace will flood in.

When you have a day or week when you can feel your body and mind start to retract back into a familiar unconsciousness, push forward knowing that the peace is there if you choose it.

There certainly is a time and place to fight for what you believe in, but if you are fighting for something all the time you will inevitably lose. When you are always fighting, you choose and invite unnecessary suffering and resistance into your life. You don’t need it. There is a better way.

When you find yourself in a situation that makes you want to fight…accept it first and then act. Your response will be profoundly different, peaceful, and loving.

The art of surrender is a beautiful, liberating practice like conscious breathing and will make greater changes in just a few weeks than modalities employed over many years. It is hard, hard work, but it is your key to peace. How incredible it could be to find peace and happiness in even the most unbearable situations?

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