Find peace in just a few conscious breaths

It’s magnificent how powerful something so small can be. Bring more peace and stillness into your day through conscious breathing. Even if you only notice one breath throughout the day, your day has been a success.

When you notice your breath…how it feels when it enters your nose and fills your lungs, how it energizes your body, and how it represents life in the purest of forms you have entered a state of intense presence. It is physically impossible to be lost in thought when you are noticing your breath. It is the quickest and easiest way to enter what Buddhist call “Satori” or sudden enlightenment.

I’ve found great enjoyment in the walk from my car in the parking lot to my building at work. It’s been quite cold lately and the rush of crisp, fresh air into my lungs makes me feel so alive. Any tension or adrenaline I feel in the center of my chest during the day will release with a few breaths. It is so much easier to just be here than to be in the past or future. In the present moment, there are no unsolvable equations to wrangle with, impossible deadlines to hit, or lofty goals to achieve. In the present moment, everything is manageable even blissful. In the present moment, you can just be you.

Try to take notice of these gaps in thinking as you create them with conscious breathing. Do you feel stillness, peace, a newfound awareness of your surroundings during these conscious breaths? Do you want more of that feeling?

When we stop for even a moment during our day to watch our breath, we create space between thought and awareness. When you feel that peace and that stillness your awakening has begun. Follow it.

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