Walking meditation

Putting one foot in front has helped me practice non-judgement, love, and presence.

As a former 5X-a-week Crossfitter, the idea of walking as a means of exercise is something I have always dismissed. It wasn’t until I decided to leave Crossfit all together during my first pregnancy because it just didn’t feel right anymore, that I fell into a slump of non-doing. I gained 65 pounds, and have struggled to lose the weight. It was hard to walk away from Crossfit because I wanted it to work for my life and schedule. I couldn’t dial down the judgement I felt of not being able to keep up and the pressure to compete against my peers. I soon realized after multiple attempts pre and postpartum that it just wasn’t serving me anymore. I had to let it go for now.

I went to a tarot card reading a few weeks ago, and the woman told me to walk.

“Walk,” I said. “You mean for exercise?”

She told me yes. She then looked me square in the eyes before I could get another word in and said that it was enough.

Since then, I have been trying to put one foot in front of the other for 30-60 mins every day. No judgement, no pressure, just walking. As a working mom, my time is absolutely precious so I have begun to explore the idea of walking meditation. It has quickly become the perfect way to exercise and heal the body and mind at the same time.

Just go, don’t think

We do enough of that anyways, right? Take this hour to practice no mind as you enjoy your surroundings. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you hit the pavement.

1.) Don’t let your mind talk you out of it. Just put on your shoes on and go. If you don’t have your shoes, walk in sandals, if you can’t find your sandals go barefoot (even better)! Don’t measure your distance or time, just walk.

2.) Take it all in. The sounds, smells, sights, and sensations. Enjoy them, or perhaps start by simply noticing them. We overlook and tune out the vibrancy of life every day because we are busy and distracted. This is your time to notice and enjoy.

3.) You don’t have to follow each thought. When a sound or sensation triggers a thought or memory acknowledge it, but choose not to follow it. Let it come in and then let it go. Focus back on the present moment.

Just breathe!

If you are feeling particularly distracted, simply come back to your breath. This is your restart button. If all you do for 5-10 minutes is walk and focus on your inhale and exhale, you will experience peace, presence, and love.

It is worth it and so are you.

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