Acupuncture for Anxiety

I always tell my close friends and family that if I could afford acupuncture once a week, I would no longer need to take medication for my anxiety. That is how profound acupuncture has been for me.

Since I was a little girl, I have always struggled with anxiety and depression. It runs in my family, and is an inevitable pull I cannot escape. Now in my 30s, I know the best I can do is use the tools and resources I have to manage what is simply a part of me. Maybe one day, with enough practice, I can strip away the negative thoughts and painful experiences that fuel my anxious being and live as my “true” self.

Here are the top three reasons why acupuncture is so powerful for those living with anxiety, panic disorders, and depression.

A quiet mind

The single greatest benefit of acupuncture is the calm, peaceful energy it stimulates that helps quiet and still my mind. Like so many, my mind races with questions, doubts, negative self talk, and just plain nonsensical chatter that I struggle to turn off. I have fortunately reached a space of awareness in my life where I am able to acknowledge the chatter, but have yet to master the ability and focus necessary to softly and without judgement quiet it. Acupuncture effortlessly brings me to a space of calm and quiet. Once the needles are inserted, I am able to sink into the table and the present moment, and start drinking up the bliss of stillness. Even though the effects of acupuncture eventually wear off, sometimes within hours, I am hopeful that with time I can learn to hold onto it for longer.

The “Acu-High”

Ahhhh, the delicious feeling you get right after a session when your body and mind are connected and flowing, your mind is calm, your muscles relaxed, and for lack of a better term you feel happy, hazy, and a wee bit high. For me, it’s a happy haze. I feel like every muscle that was tight when I entered the room has released, my mind has surrendered the present moment, and I can’t help but smile. It is the best feeling ever and borderline addicting.

Heightened sensations

When the numbing fog of anxiety and repetition has been lifted, I can finally see clearly again. I can feel the sun against my skin as I enjoy the warmth, and the budding plant adjacent to the tire of my parked car that I must have missed on my walk in is noticeable, bright, and beautiful. Sounds and smells are more enjoyable than they were before, as I feel my whole body awaken from a deep slumber I never wanted to drift into.

Of all the amazing benefits of acupuncture for anxiety, it serves as a powerful reminder that there IS another way of living. I CAN feel alive, awake, and energized. I CAN enjoy everything around me that is too often dulled by the stress of everyday life. 

Have you tried acupuncture yet? What is holding you back? Tell me about it in the comments.

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