Meditation Healing During Menstruation

A woman’s soul is like the ocean. Turbulent and choppy on the surface at times, but beneath the crest and breaking waves is a limitless, unshakable depth of strength and resolve.

A few months ago, I began listening to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle on audio. It was a transformative experience during a particularly turbulent time in my professional life. During my sacred morning drives to work where I listened to Eckhart’s calm, loving voice, he touched upon a topic that has since intrigued me to learn more about mediating during menstruation. He spoke about the pain body that many women experience during menstruation, and how, if harnessed appropriately, can open a door to deep meditation, awareness, and for some enlightenment. He talked about the centuries of pain, suffering, and oppression that manifest into the physical and emotional suffering we experience during menstruation. He mentioned that if we catch ourselves in those moments of anger and irritation, which most refer to as “PMS symptoms” and turn inward, we can find a portal to presence and bliss.

During my research on this topic, I found this meditation. Designed specifically for the time when most women feel depleted and irritable, it is a beautiful mediation for healing during menstruation. I love the visual reference to the gold cord within us all that helps us root to ourselves and the earth.

As turbulent as we may feel on the outside, we can always draw strength and love from an unshakable place within! Enjoy!

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